Closer to nature

Sometimes when people live in the big city, they tend to crave for walk in nature or to have green spaces where they can relax. So was the case with me too, since I lived in the big city I never had the chance to go out in the nature. But my house had a garden in the backyard that needed some work. So I decided that I would buy roses online FamousRoses.eu.


Famous Roses it’s an online shop from Romania that sells high quality rose plants from France breed by Delbard and Meillard Richardier.

On their website customer can pick and choose whatever they think  its best for their garden. I personally prefer rambling roses because I don’t have such a big space in my backyard.

Thanks to the fast customer service that Famus Roses has I was able to register my order the same day I placed it and receive the goods in 2 days.

Shipping went really well and it was not expensive at all. The roses did not suffer any harm from being transported from Romania to England because they were packed very well. The package maintained the moisture inside so that the rose will not wither and die.


Famous Roses offered my the possibility throughout their products to make my own private garden full with roses and green plants.

I never felt this relaxed before I made my rose garden. The fragrance released from the flowers acts as a natural anodyne.

Every time I have the chance I recommend Famous Roses to all my friends in the UK, because their products are always of the highest quality and the prices are lower than in the United Kingdom.

The great variety of French roses will make you spend hours in front of your PC screen trying to make the right choice.



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